These ticket vending machines can be found at all metro stations and NS stations in Amsterdam. Here you can

  • buy an anonimous plastic OV-chipkaart (7,50)
  • load balance 
  • buy travel products 
  • buy paper tickets

Products for personal OV-chipkaart

  • GVB Only maand
  • GVB Zone maand
  • Altijd Korting maand en jaar

Products for personal or anonimous OV-chipkaart

  • GVB Night bus e-purse (free)
  • GVB Bicycle suplement

Products for personal or anonimous OV-chipkaart or as paper ticket

  • GVB 1 hour
  • GVB 1 hour + bike
  • GVBNight bus 1,5 hr
  • GVB night bus 12 trip ticket
  • GVB 24 (1 day), 48 (2 days), 72 (3 days), 96 (4 days) en 168 hr (7 days)

If something goes wrong
If something went wrong at one of our Ticket Vending Machines, you will receive a claim voucher that you can use at our Tickets & Info kiosks.. If you have not received a claim voucher or unsuccessfully tried to load more than € 50, please call our Customer Service at 0900 8011.